Background of Officium et Humanitas e.V. (OeH)

OeH was founded in April 1999 by a group of active young people. It is a charity organisation with now 40 members, more than 20 projects implemented in 12 countries on 4 continets, open to anyone that relates to its ideals and goals. Since the foundation of OeH sustainable support in the areas of Education, Health, and Infrastructure have always been at centre stage of our projects worldwide with main focus on children and young people.


Financing of the Organisation and its projects is based on member contributions as well as internal and external sources. The membership is characterised by a wide variety of action and thought. Yet despite such plurality, all share the common goal of identifying problems in our society, developing the potential for improvements, and enabling changes to be made.

Specifically, this means:

  • Active implementation of charitable projects with enduring results
  • Provision of a platform for discussion
  • Dialogue within an international and multidisciplinary network

We select our projects according to stringent criteria:

  • Sustainability
  • Providing assistance for self-help
  • Possibility of accompanying the project by local representatives of our network
  • Being actively involved in the implementation

The key motivation and, at the same time, the basis for this work is an unquestioned dedication to our fellow man - Officium et Humanitas, as it were. Especially younger generations are often claimed to be devoid of the knowledge and the will required to assume social responsibility, or to accept the need for action and compassion. A desire to counteract such prejudices, and a firm belief that others without the benefit of an unencumbered life need assistance, motivated us to found this organisation in 1999.