We have now been completing successful projects for over ten years:

  • Donation of a "comedor" (dining hall), kitchen facilities and a playground for children in Cartagena, Colombia (in cooperation with the Charity Foundation "Casa Italia")
  • Organisation and transport of a printing press for a children's charity organisation in Columbia
  • Foundation of a hospital and a primary school in Chennai, India
  • Support of a Centre for abused children in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Financial support to build up a Home for abused women in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Financial and logistical support to build up infrastructure in Chennai after the Tsunami in Dec 2004
  • Purchase and transport of anaesthetic equipment for a children's hospital in Rumania
  • Medical evacuation to Germany and treatment of a Nigerian national with serious injuries
  • Various projects related to the catastrophic flooding of parts of Germany in 2002
  • and many more worldwide