Officium et Humanitas e.V. in a Nutshell

Officium et Humanitas e.V. (OeH) has a 25 year track record in organising and implementing charity projects mainly for children worldwide and carries full ownership and responsibility of directing all funds directly to the deserving.

Members of OeH continuously manage the projects at location to guarantee highest standards of accountability and reliability. We have been appointed as one of the „365 institutions of the Land of Ideas“ in 2007 which was supported by the President of Germany, Bundespräsident Horst Köhler, to promote the FIFA Worldcup 2006.

Since the foundation of OeH children have always been at centre stage of our projects worldwide.

OeH can look back on a continuous and prosperous relationship with the Italian Charity Foundation „Casa Italia“ in Cartagena, Colombia since 2006. The co-operation enables many children and minors to get access to essential nutrition, education and care and will in the future accomplish the services by providing medical treatment for children in the poor region of La Boquilla, Cartagena Colombia.

Throughout the projects we have been supported by friends, relatives and additionally by partners and sponsors, including the Alfred Herrhausen Society, DaimlerChrysler AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Börse AG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, ThyssenKrupp, Hyatt, MLP, the Rotary Club Düsseldorf, I-D Media AG and the Heidelberg University Clinic.